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Super Health Food

You don't need athletic ability.

My clients are dancers, athletes, choreographers, doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, strongmen, martial artists, runners, scholars, teachers, singers, poets, writers, and academics.


They are also thinkers, hopers, dreamers, readers, believers, and achieversRegardless of age, gender, or history, you will:

  • Overcome mental and physical fitness blocks.

  • Address, avoid, and prevent chronic pain by learning to fight inflammation with nutrition, for chronic conditions like arthritis, IBS, and osteoporosis.

  • Master high-quality meals with simple methods.

  • Identify cravings without fear or anxiety, and avoid social and mental health triggers so that you can always love what you eat!

  • Stop thinking of your body as having "problems" and learn how to correct oddities or imbalances.

  • Reduce anxiety and depression symptoms with well-earned confidence.

And always at your own pace. With remote and in-person options, WLF is tailored for your individual circumstances and lifestyle. Just schedule a 30-minute phone call or video chat to assess your goals, medical needs, and how we can achieve your best self possible.

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