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Here's a tip: when you want to work on finessing an exercise without increasing the load or reps, try switching up the equipment. A 50-lb barbell's weight is distributed on your body very differently than a kettlebell, for example. Have fun!

You don't need athletic ability.

My clients are dancers, athletes, choreographers, doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, strongmen, martial artists, runners, scholars, teachers, singers, poets, writers, and academics. They are also thinkers, hopers, dreamers, readers, believers, and achievers in their own fitness goals and journeys.

Regardless of age, gender, or history, you will:

  • Overcome blocks to fitness.

  • Address, avoid, and prevent chronic pain or injury. 

  • Learn how your body works, even if it has some oddities!

  • Correct imbalances from poor gait and posture.

  • Reduce your own symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Experience shiny new self-confidence!

  • Be able to train anytime, anywhere with customized Zoom training.


And always at your own pace. With remote and in-person options, WLF is tailored for your individual circumstances and life schedule. 

If it seems like you have finally found the fitness program that was meant for you, then let's schedule a 30-minute phone call or video chat to assess your goals, medical needs, and how we can achieve your best self possible.

learn to LOVe more food.
Fresh Food

PS: Did you know that papayas contain enzymes that help digest protein for you? That's like an extra stomach for your stomach!

Real nutrition is about more than a flat belly.

  • Understand inflammation, which is often misunderstood as "fat," and can contribute to chronic conditions like arthritis, IBS, and osteoporosis.

  • Identify cravings and manage "hanger" without fear or anxiety.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation through simple switch-ups.

  • Avoid social and mental health triggers.

  • Always love what you eat! (With smooth digestion.)

The changes are easy and imperceptible, with zero pushing or judgement. You'll be relieved at how clothes suddenly fit better, energy and moods improve, and chronic pain lowers to a whisper.

All it takes is a quick phone call or video chat to assess your nutritional preferences, needs, and goals.


Be prepared for food to feel better than ever.

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