WORK for the
LIFE you want to


"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."
Bruce Lee

​Your body is completely individual, and worth celebrating.

Your mind thrives on curiosity, with real answers to hard questions that won't compromise your lifestyle

And that's why you're ready to begin. 

Welcome to fitness and nutrition coaching that's all about you.


Your unique physiology, lifestyle, and personal preferences.


Your comfort level, needs, and capacity for change.


Whether you're doing in-person sessions or virtual training, you'll be equipped with all the tools you need to create the body you want to be:


Fill out the contact form here to schedule your free consultation via ZOOM or phone.
We'll talk goals, do a low-key assessment, and create a plan that works for your life.
Your routine evolves week to week as you progress, with rewards for accountability and successfully completed homework challenges. 
Choose to pursue long-term training for discounted session rates, or a biweekly or monthly check-in.


"... Natasha Nesic is an extraordinary, sensitive, intuitive, committed, trainer with a deep knowledge of human musculature, and highly refined communication skills. When we began training I was in excellent physical condition, I thought, for a sixty year old. I’d been frequenting the gym regularly for four years, varying my time between swimming and using the stationary bike. Nevertheless, Natasha showed me that I had been shortchanging myself physically and I could accomplish more, be in better shape, be more comfortable in my skin..." 
"...I’ve worked with Natasha for a short time and I’ve seen great results in core strength and balance. She is also very flexible in terms of how, when and where she works and is sympathetic to the challenges of keeping fitness a priority as part of a hectic schedule.

She challenges me, without judgment, and celebrates every win along the way.
I highly recommend Natasha and her approach..."
"... Following my black belt training, I called on Natasha to help fill the impending gap in my workout regimen. I’ve been working twice a week with her, more or less, since July 2017. Our sessions serve as a complement to my martial arts classes, which I continue to take three or four times per week. Basically, whatever breaks during MMA class Natasha helps me fix. She’s taught me how to use muscle groups I didn’t know existed. She’s taught me there’s more than one way to carry out tasks we usually take for granted – more than one way to breathe or to walk, for example -- in order to minimize strain and maximize results.‍.."
"...All my life when told to engage my abs I did it - kinda from the front.  Then I remembered you saying "use them to help you with the exercise."  So I used the whole core (I have a core now) and it made the leg press not just easier but everything was engaged...  I've had years of physical therapy.  No one else ever did this.  She put me on an exercise routine I would never have designed for my self on machines I never would have utilized.  I can not believe how quickly my body has responded. I'm 62.  My body didn't respond this quickly to the exercise routine designed for me 30 years ago.  She knows how the body works in ways no trainer I've ever had does. I can not recommend her enthusiastically or highly enough..."  


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