work hard.


live well.

fit it all in.

This is your time.


"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."

Bruce Lee

Does this sound like you?

Excellent. Because WLF is the anti-cookie-cutter fitness and nutrition experience.

Your program is based on your unique physiology, lifestyle, environment, and personal preferences.


Your comfort is never in question, with easy access to me via text and email for all your thoughts and questions.  I'm always happy to accommodate for what you need to feel your best. 

Your needs are addressed through multiple disciplines as you and I work together to achieve any goal you have in mind.


The best part: immediate results.

  • New muscle fibers, nerve endings and energy!

  • New food and meal planning.

  • New ways to conquer anxiety and increase mental health.


Can you imagine? Wake up anew today. 

how it works

Fill out the contact form here to schedule your initial consultation via ZOOM or phone.
Tell me about your goals! We'll create a customized plan and meeting schedule that fits your lifestyle, and learn surprising things about yourself during a low-key assessment.
No humdrum routines allowed! Feel the changes in your mind and body with every session, with options for accountability and fun homework challenges accessible via email or text. 
Choose to pursue long-term training, or a biweekly or monthly check-in. Purchase the PDF of your personal exercise program and use it to keep tracking your progress, with continued access to me via phone and email for support.
* Ask about discounts and free sessions for returning clients and referrals.


"Ms. Natasha Nesic is an extraordinary, sensitive, intuitive, committed, trainer with a deep knowledge of human musculature, and highly refined communication skills. When we began training I was in excellent physical condition, I thought, for a sixty year old. I’d been frequenting the gym regularly for four years, varying my time between swimming and using the stationary bike. Nevertheless, Natasha showed me that I had been shortchanging myself physically and I could accomplish more, be in better shape, be more comfortable in my skin. In the two years or so we’ve been working together, the benefits I have realized from Natasha’s tutelage have amazed me..." 
"Natasha sets herself apart in many ways. Her personal experiences with martial arts, yoga, running, and dance results in a holistic view of how the body works and what it needs to perform better. Her intellectual curiosity and empathy combine to create a program that works..."
"If I’m going to get any meaningful exercise, I need someone in my face or it’s not going to happen. This led me to take up mixed martial arts some ten years ago. Last year, through sheer force of persistence and six months of intensive training both on the mat and off, I earned my black belt. I would have liked to maintain that level of conditioning but at 51 I didn’t see that happening, physically or mentally. Following my black belt training, I called on Natasha to help fill the impending gap in my workout regimen..."
"I had something of a breakthrough doing leg presses the other day.  It hard to to explain, exactly.  All my life when told to engage my abs I did it - kinda from the front.  Then I remembered you saying "use them to help you with the exercise."  So I used the whole core (I have a core now) and it made the leg press not just easier but everything was engaged... I came to Natasha with unique and complicated issues; years of back surgeries, years of pain, years of pain medication and complications from a surgery that left me with one leg less than entirely functional. The first thing she taught me was how to build up the muscles surrounding the ones in my leg that no longer work.  My ability to walk improved quickly and dramatically..."  


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